Friday, May 15, 2009

A Wonderful Mother's Day

May 15, 2009
I had a splendid Mother’s Day. All our children greeted me with loving wishes. At church the ward gave every sister over the age of eighteen a copy of the new Gospel Art Book. It is the best present imaginable. “This book contains 137 pictures that are organized into 6 sections: Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Church History, Gospel in Action, and Latter-day Prophets. These pictures can be used for learning and teaching at home or at church. Descriptive titles as well as references to scriptures and other sources for learning about and discussing the pictures are available in the Gospel Art Book index.”
Besides the book and the greetings I received a pot of six tulips from Ruth and Tim’s family and an apron and the softest, cushiest socks imaginable from David and Fatima’s family. They also invited us out to dinner and Fatima made a delectable chicken casserole.
We are still working on filling the area above where the culvert was repaired. Daddy B.J. would like to have the ground level raised so there won’t be quite the valley. It will look better and be easier to mow. Last Saturday a man from our ward and Patrick were both out assisting him. Sidi is from an African country and studying English as a second language. In his country French is the national language. They made progress but it is slow. Yesterday evening I weeded in the area around the picnic tables and back yard swing set and noticed a lot of loose soil that could rather easily be moved to provide more fill. Daddy B.J. looked at it this morning and agreed. Monday he said it was time to put in some flowers, so I picked up marigolds. There are many different varieties and I chose some of each that were offered. It will be interesting to watch them grow and see how they look mixed together in the flowerbeds.
It's a good thing I read my calendar early this morning. At 10:00 it was time for the monthly book club meeting led by Crystal Sutton at her home. I started going because a sister, who is elderly and frail, on my visiting teaching route said she would like to get out of her home more. She wasn’t able to go this morning but I enjoyed it a lot. Crystal and her sister Carol, who is visiting from California, and their stepmother Jenny, and I were the only ones there. We laughed a lot and enjoyed our discussion of “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Crystal asked for Benjamin's address. She said he sent her a mother’s day card that she appreciated. I gave her the addess byt told her it would only be good till the end of June.
Then I came home and started work on T.J.’s and Ashton’s birthday cards. It takes me a long time to put cards together and print them up but I feel the time it takes is a present too. Now I am writing Benjamin and blogging.
I have talked to my sister a couple of times this week. She reported that Grace and Dorian did well in the play they were in last Saturday and that Justine was one of the eight soloists chosen for the Salt Lake Valley pageant for the two temple dedications. Yee Haw! Sis flew to Colorado yesterday to stay with Korb’s family during his first trip to England. I suppose he is renting a house for them there and getting familiar with his new work responsibilities. During her flight she sat next to a man and as they talked she learned he went to law school with the 2nd Counselor in our bishopric. He asked that Lavina get his phone number to Brother Wentz and let him know about a job opening up within the year here in Washington with his firm and the Department of Social Security.
A couple of mornings ago I was awake in the wee hours and came down and got two names – my Aunt Margaret's and my father’s cousin Anna Mae's – ready to take to the temple. I was pleased to see that so many deceased family members are having their work done for them. My sons and daughters have been anxiously engaged in a very good work indeed!
Yesterday I went to Will and Mindie’s Vena house, while workers installed a hot water tank. Then I went to Lowe’s and bought the adapter to hook up the water for the icemaker in the refrigerator that Leah gave us for the house. It is only two years old and very nice. It was a blessing that we were there when a man from the electric company came by or he would have turned the electricity off. We are grateful that a re-connection fee won’t be charged.
Adam and Nathan drove to Utah and visited with Uncle Buck. It was wonderful for all of them. Nathan is officially two-thirds finished with law school. He finished out his year as president of the J. Reuben Clark law club and passed the torch to a young woman, with whom he had classes at BYU a few years ago. He called us last night and is at peace with turning so old “28” next Monday. Adam will be taking a couple of quickie classes during summer school.
I love to look at the blogs my kids put together. This past week in Pahrump it was warm enough to run through a sprinkler; but, cool enough to need to ward up on the pavement afterwards.

While a picture of Anna Kate says it all for Washington lately. I just like the picture of Anna Kate in orange.
What can little girls do when moms wash windows?

Life is good for Daddy B.J. and me. We love and are loved. What more could we ask?

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