Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Begining of May 2009

Thursday May 7th
Last Sunday at the beginning of Relief Society I was walking around talking to various sisters. I saw a woman I didn’t recognize. When I started to introduce myself, she said she knew me from when she dated Benjamin. Her name was Amber Hardee and she lived on Callow. Memories slowly resurfaced. She had twin sisters, who were on a cheer squad. I guess the twin think caught my interest and forged the memory. I made a point of being at her baptism that evening.
Daddy B.J. was conducting Sacrament Meeting last Sunday and talking up our next activity. He said that he got a cornet at the last white elephant auction, but that when he tried to play it his lips weren't strong enough. He then quipped "I guess my wife should kiss me more." He said he would take the cornet back to this white elephant auction.
Speaking of conducting, Joseph phoned and said that conducting was nothing new to him but he had just had his first experience presiding. When the bishop and 1st counselor are absent, it falls to the 2nd counselor to preside. The difference is not great but Joseph was quite nervous about it. He asked the high priest group leader to sit on one side of him and a brother, who had served in a couple of stake presidencies to sit on the other side of him. Joseph told one of his siblings not to come since he felt it would make him more nervous. The extra-experienced brother beside Joseph leaned over indicating a man in congregation and asked, ”Did you know he is Robert Wells, an emeritus general authority. He was one of the of the seven presidents of the seventy?” Joseph’s stress level went up.
When Daddy B.J. and I attended BYU Ed Week in 2006 we went to a class taught by Jay Parry. His talk was about the wonderful blessings of grace provided by Jesus Christ. He used Brother Wells as an example. When Brother Wells was a pilot serving in a church calling in South America, he taught his wife to fly. Both flew plane loads of members to a conference. She crashed into a mountain on the return and he blamed himself. After suffering a lot he was blessed with the understanding that Jesus Christ suffered for our mistakes as well as our sins.
Returning to Joseph, his experience ended up being very positive. After He opened the testimony portion of the meeting by bearing his own testimony, Brother Wells bore the 2nd testimony. It was so beautiful and fervent that it brought a very special spirit that shaped the whole meeting. Joseph said it was without a doubt the best testimony meeting they ever had in his ward.
Recently a UPS driver making a delivery said he knew Joseph and Michael from high school. His name was Dennis Stoddard. He wrestled with our guys and he had a sister (I think) who graduated with Mike (I think). I love it when people tell me they knew one of my family.
I complained to Debbie and Jay about not receiving good pictures of them. There are usually plenty of the children. Anyway, they attended a party over the weekend and the hostess took pictures. Viola! –smiling Debbie and Jay without sunglasses. T.J.’s school play well very well. Debbie said as a part of the chorus he was on stage a lot. In fact she felt they saw more of him during the performance than they usually saw of him in a whole day at home. Nick loves his fire-fighting training. He recently asked if he could take donuts to class to help him “win friends and influence people.” He decided to break up with the girl he had dated for over a year. He thought he should get to know a wider range of girls. Hurrah! T.J. surprised everyone by announcing that he too had a girlfriend now.
Our son Nathan put a lot of effort into applying to participate in the mediation program at law school next year and he has been accepted. Adam is wondering about proving our Indian heritage because he hears financial aid funds are available to Indians.
Oops, I just looked at the clock. I have to get the chainsaw chain out to Silverdale to be sharpened.
Friday, May 8th - I just had a call from Jernon. One hundred and eighty auditioned for solo parts in an upcoming Youth Temple Celebration inspired by the dedications of both the Draper and Oquirrh Mountain temples. Justine is one of the eight remaining for final tryouts tonight. Jernon asked for us to remember her in our prayers. What an honor she has already achieved to make it so far.
I also had a call from Benjamin. His case-worker let him call from his office. It was good to talk. He is being moved to the Ogden Adult Probation & Parole facility on June 30th. He will be allowed privileges after they assess his capabilities and make sort of an individualized parole program for him. They will assist him in getting a job and from the wages give him a portion to cover personal needs. We will have to apply anew to visit him. We will need to wait till he is actually there to learn more.
We love you.

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