Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring 2009 begins

Aunt Lavina’s lump on her thyroid in her throat is benign but the doctors do want to have an ultrasound check on it every year. She is wise to check on anything unusual . That way if she ever needs treatment, it can be done immediately. She and Cliff are in Utah now and will be till the day after Easter, which is April 12th, when they head back to Bremerton.
Monday night we had a terrific family home evening. Brenda Holmes loaned us a copy of the DVD “On the Lord’s Errand” a biography of President Thomas S. Monson. It is beautifully done and very inspiring. We have a great prophet and the Lord worked at training him for the calling for his entire lifetime. I am slowly reading “A Disciple’s Life” a biography about Elder Neal A. Maxwell, who was an apostle with a unique way of saying things. One quote of his I love is: “Since a real sense of belonging matters, one of the great things we can do for family and friends is to contribute regularly to their storehouses of self-esteem by giving deserved and specific commendations and encouragement.” Another is, “God does not begin by asking our ability, only our availability, and if we prove our dependability, He will increase our capability.” Anyway I have bumped into a slight snag in keeping the details from President Monson’s life and Elder Maxwell’s life straight in my mind. I think I will have to look things up if I ever want to talk about either man. For now I just grateful to know that we have latter-day prophets, who are inspired as Abraham or Moses.
Tuesday night as many of the activity committee members as could met here at 6:30 for an assembly line packing of the Easter bags (125), which we will pass out at our Easter Egg Hunt and coloring activity on April 11th. Four sisters joined me and we placed two pieces of candy in each plastic egg and two plastic eggs along with a small toy into each bag and then used the self-fastening top to close the bag. The fun thing about it was the chit-chat and laughter as we enjoyed the various egg colors, sizes, and patterns and the toys. I think one can always have fun working with friends.
That night Patrick was at the church during mutual and Daddy B.J. took him to the home where he has been staying and dropped him off about 9:30. Close to midnight a phone call came from Leah. Patrick found that he was locked out and he called the police. The family was awakened to policemen with pistols drawn and spotlights on. The woman said that was the last straw - a humiliation before neighbors. She said that Patrick knew a house rule was to be in by 7:30 PM before the doors were locked because she has to get up really early in the morning for her job. Daddy B.J. helped Patrick gather his things, which had been deposited on the porch, that night and returned the next night for the rest of his things. Fortunately Daddy B.J. had been lead to scriptures that talked about serving the needy among us and understood that as a direction to take Patrick in again and simply be as patient as possible with him.
Last Sunday was our ward conference. Our speakers were the bishop and the stake president. Daddy B.J.’s talk encouraged us all to show Christ-like love for each other. Also as individuals to lay hold on the joy of the gospel by daily scripture reading – if only one verse, morning and evening prayer, and looking for ways to serve. President Anderson touched on many things but I especially enjoyed his challenge to be people of integrity. He told a story about his great grandmother receiving too much change after buying a ticket, returning the extra money, being observed in the act of honesty and that leading to her being chosen from among 500 applicants for a job at a bank. One opportunity led to another. She worked as secretary for Ezra Taft Benson, when he was over agriculture in Idaho. She eventually met the wonderful man she married. All these blessing flowed from one act of honesty when her friends were tempting her to just keep the money and spend it. After that meeting I went to primary where I was substituting. Have a great week.

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