Friday, March 13, 2009

An exciting second week in March 2009

You will recall the opening lines of a hymn, “Prayer is the soul's sincere desire, Uttered, or unexpressed…” It always amazes me to note how Heavenly Father answers those prayers. Over the last couple of winters we have used a heating pad as a feet warmer for Daddy B.J. That faithful source of comfort “died” about a week ago. Now we certainly didn’t make a new pad a matter of formal prayer but there were some unexpressed wishes –especially two nights ago when Daddy B.J. said he was freezing. With the residual pain from his gums healing and the need for pain medication, his coldness may have been just a by-product. Yesterday after running errands I felt impressed to stop by Vinnie’s. Guess what I found. Not just one but two heating pads. I bought them both and Daddy B.J. was truly comforted. That was yet another tender mercy of the Lord.
Now, on to more trivial matters. I have been hustling all week to get things ready for our upcoming ward activity. An Un-Olympics needs a lot of props. I made gold, silver, and bronze medals – 48 each and a stand for keeping the three separate and easy to present. I checked a great march music CD out of the library for playing during the opening ceremony. I’ve searched our attic, carport, and finally our closet at the church to track down the event signs and posters prepared for the September 2007 event. I found them yesterday morning! I looked through the pictures from ’07 to add a few to the email reminder that goes out to all ward members with known email addresses. I printed up our family flag again. I’m grateful I saved it on the computer. That is far better than having to be creative this time. I prepared the record sheets for events – six each for the respective groups of participants and started gathering the materials needed for each event. I’ll finish that round up after getting a letter off to you.
I had a nice visit with Michael. He was impressed by man’s talk in his stake priesthood meeting. The man said the only regret he had was not telling his father how much he cherished him. So Michael phoned to tell us how much he cherished us. Pretty neat, huh? He also mentioned that he had given a talk last week in his Sacrament Meeting. I asked him to email me his notes and he did. I printed up his notes and will include it with this letter. It actually was a tribute to Daddy B.J. and me. It said he had learned to give service by growing up in a home where much service was given.
Debbie’s son Nicholas is training in how to be a fireman. Debbie sent me a picture of him in his full fireman’s outfit. She also sent a picture of herself and Amy laying on a blanket on the lawn. It was interesting because Amy had on a swimsuit and Debbie looked like she was dressed for cooler weather. Speaking of weather, we had small amounts of snow again last week. Well the first day of spring is just one week from today on March 20th. I’m just glad we still have snow tires on my car. The sun is out and it warms up nicely – well the mid-40s anyway – in the afternoon. But, the clear star-filled sky at night is a hallmark of cold temperatures and the roads are icy of a morning. I found the rock salt in the member custodial closet last Sunday morning and Brother Sorensen sprinkled it on the patches of ice outside. David said it was 17o a few nights ago. What a bizarre winter it has been.
Did I ever tell you that Mikel and Amy Anderson bought the house that Wayne and Jan Bales owned. It is right across the street from David’s office. Mikel stopped in a few days ago and spoke to the girls working for David. Since Mikel is David and Fatima’s Silverdale 4th ward’s stake president as well as our own, it gives you pause to know that he knows where you are.
Will called and told me how much he enjoys the emails that I forward to him. I try to be selective since I myself delete hate to be swamped with emails. Will said his work is going better for him all the time.
Joseph called in excitement over The Church’s new family history website . He asked from the death dates of my mother’s siblings and when he had them he was able to get their names “temple ready” in just a few more minutes. I think he must have emailed or called a lot of other family members because Adam called me a day or so latter and had been on the website and reserved several names to do the work for. Since he and Nathan are only a few minutes away from the Las Vegas temple, I hope they can get them done. It is exciting.
We love you. Keep the faith. Let us know what’s happening with you.

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Ruth Sutton said...

i too am excited to see when un asked prayers are answered. heavenly father sure knows the desires of our hearts! Oh and I'm also excited about family history and the new means to get it done. Let the work begin!