Thursday, February 19, 2009

Patrick Leyerle and yard clean up

February 19, 2009
A week ago Patrick moved here from Leah Pierson’s home. He received his Bremerton High School diploma that day. He was called to go on a six month service mission to the Bishop’s Storehouse and the cannery. We hope he can be called on a full-time mission after the six months. President Anderson said that LDS Social Services can test him to determine what his capabilities really are and that will help fitting him the proper mission for him. He is just a little slow about things. After I made a map and talked him through the route as we drove to the storehouse a couple of days, he was confident enough to ride his bicycle home yesterday.
Monday was President’s day, a federal holiday, and the sun was shinning brightly. True, it was only in the 40’s but I decided to tackle the clean up of the back yard. It looked horrible after the wind and snowstorms brought down some big branches as well as the usual small stuff. In addition to that the lower third of the yard was never raked after the leaves fell last autumn. I raked for three days several hours a day. Patrick joined me for a lot of the time when he wasn’t at the storehouse. We raked up a couple dozen wheelbarrows full of windfall. There are still some piles near the watercraft but I have some other projects to attend to before I can return to playing around.
One day last week I returned to find a big yellow backhoe next to the washout from the Dec. 2007 flooding. About a week before that Daddy B.J. started at the open end of the culvert near the tire swing and crawled up with a flashlight to try to see the problem. He saw where the old culvert had collapsed - like the top of a paper cup you have pinched - at the end of one section. The pipe was large enough where he made the discovery that he was able to turn around to make his way out. I’m glad I didn’t know he did any of that till I heard him talking to our landlord, Mr. Rostad, has hired a contractor, who will work here when time permits. Unfortunately with the downturn in the economy, he may have more time sooner than he would like. He also would prefer to work on weekends when he feels fewer officials might turn up for impromptu inspections. Mr. Rostad also bought a couple more four- foot diameter culvert to serve as part of the repair materials and they are at the top of the circle drive.
By the way March the 1st if our 15th anniversary of living here. We actually moved in about a week before that, but the lease agreement says March 1, 1994. We love it here and would like to stay a whole lot longer.
I had an email from Uncle Buck’s daughter Tina. She plans to be here when her son Brian returns from Iraq in July. She said she hasn’t seen David in about fifteen years and looks forward to meeting his wife and daughters as well as seeing him.
I had an email from Aunt Linda. Jorgen is engaged and his fiancée is another Amy! Linda said she is a perfect match for Jorgen and that they really like her. Their wedding will come sometime between April and August.
Daddy B.J. just finished reading a library copy of John Grisham’s latest novel “The Associate”. I am reading it now. But to tell the truth I don’t have a whole lot of time for reading. I am delighted to say that I am in a faithful pattern of reading from the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants at breakfast each morning. That reading led me to form family home evening around section 123 and tie it to why hunting down Adolf Eichmann and putting him on public trial was so important. I can’t imagine stronger language than Joseph Smith uses in section 123 in condemning the activities of and indeed the persons, who persecuted the Saints in Missouri.
Today is Tim Sutton's birthday. For a present we pray he passed the Nevada bar exam.


Kathryn said...

Lots going on at the Gents! I am glad you are happy and healthy! Thanks for the update.

William said...

Dad were you scouting out a new Rambo Run for us? I think I am to old for this stuff my stomach is still tight thinking about that colapsed culvert caving in on you.

You're not getting out that easy. Just be patient none of us are getting out of here alive.

Love Will

Ruth Sutton said...

Great reading up on the gent happenings as always! Thanks for being such good people! you do the gent name good.

Patrick Leyerle said...

Please don't talk about me in the Internet. What do you mean I'm a little slow. You should think twice before you talk about someone behind there back and Like I did I found it in the Internet. Please deleat.

Patrick Leyerle said...

Sister Gent. Like I said in my last comment I do not like to be talked about on the internet. I would please like the post or any posts about me taken down or i'm bringing you to court for harassment. I hope that you get this soon. Thank you and God Bless!

Patrick Leyerle said...

If anyone has contact with Louis Gent and can get this message to her I would really appreciate it.

Patrick Leyerle said...

If anyone has contact with Louis Gent and can get this message to her I would really appreciate it.