Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6, 2009

I met with Virginia Anderson, our accountant yesterday morning about our 2008 taxes. Since it takes many many hours to gather the information needed for that meeting, it was nice to have it done. But, the wonderful thing about these annual meetings is that I love taking with Virginia. She and her husband Bill were just newlyweds in our ward when we moved back to Bremerton after your birth.
The Andersons have four children. The youngest is a girl born the same month as you and Adam the same year as Adam. She, like Nathan, is in her second year of law school. One son was devastated by a divorce. Well, a few of our children can identify with that. One son was buffeted because of poor choices, but has now returned to his parents’ home, has a job and is getting his feet under him and straightening out his life. Daddy B.J. and I look forward to having that in common with them this summer concerning Benjamin.
For some years the Andersons have provided housing for a few members of the Blue Jacket Baseball team. You may recall that that is a semi-pro team that you brother David’s Foot and Ankle Clinic helps sponsor. The young players are required to live gospel standards inside the Anderson home. However many times the Andersons have arrived home to find not guest their tenants but many of the players gathered. They love the safe environment – only G or PG rated movies, no unhealthy drinks or drugs, no bad language allowed. You see the picture. Actually I suppose they feel the “spirit” in the home. One of the players, who has lived with them three years, had his parents come to visit for New Years. That father is involved in the financial world and knowing the Andersons were Mormon asked, “ Is the financial distress the US is in the reason your church tells you to have a year’s supply?” Virginia explained to him that our church has always taught principles of provident living. The man asked if leaders actually talked to members about it as a religious topic. Virginia replied, that it was often a theme for lessons or talks. He asked how that was part of a religion. She explained that a man cannot be spiritually at peace if he does not know where his family’s next meal is coming from – that to the Lord no commandment is just temporal – they are all spiritual.
Virginia feels she and her husband are “letting their light shine” not just to the players but also their families. There certainly are lots of ways to do missionary work.
Virginia further said that it is sad to look around her meetings on Sunday and know that many members are out of work and families are facing financial upheaval.
Adam’s birthday was last Saturday, the 31st of January. All our Nevada children and their families gathered in Pahrump to give him a wonderful celebration. He and we are continually amazed at the great memories loved ones pool their talents and resources to supply. Speaking of that, Ruth and Tim are planning a trip for a few days to visit Debbie & Jay’s family in California. The occasion is Tim’s birthday, which will be on the 19th. They plan to play a bit between the beach and Disneyland. And Debbie is giving Ruth and Tim a night away from their parenting responsibilities as a present. Since Daddy B.J. and I have most of our time just for us two at home, we can testify that no enjoyment surpasses what a couple can experience being together. I have some visiting teaching to do this evening. Since it will soon be Valentine’s Day, we are bearing a special message of love. We want you to know how much we love you, too. Here is a bit of loving advise.


Annette said...

It is nice to know what you are all up to.
Louise, I keep trying to send you email, but it keeps comming back as undeliverable. I am using the email:
Is it over filled with email?

Thanks for the URL of you Blog!
Annette Nay

Ruth Sutton said...

What a wonderful post. Your life is alwasy full of wonderful people and their stories to share. Hope you have a wonderful valentines day

Linda said...

As always, thoughts full of faith and love from you Louise.

Kathryn said...

Happy Valentines Day! We love reading your blog!