Friday, March 19, 2010

A new Great-Grandson & a visit from the Jernon and David Kelly family

March 19, 2010

We have a new great-grandson. Easton Porter Adams was born at 10:15 PM on Tuesday March 16th in the Utah Valley Medical Center, which is the same hospital where his grandfather Will was born almost forty-three years ago. Easton is six-and-a-half pounds and nineteen inches long

We had a wonderfully exciting weekend with Jernon and David Kelly visiting with their children from Utah. Since their son Steven had part is The Music Man production at his high school they couldn’t leave their home till Saturday morning. They arrived at my sister’s house late that night. They and Will, and David and his girls joined us at our home after church Sunday. Adryann and BrynneĆ© had a grand time playing with Steven, Grace, and Dorian. Kaden is still too young to play very well with the others but he had a dandy time with our outdoor toys and the indoor toy box and leading his mom down to the lake.

We all got together again Monday evening for family home evening. There were marshmallows for roasting and hot dogs and cookies and yogurt pie. We enjoyed compliments and then a small memory lesson to help remember the order of the prophets for the verses of the children’s song “Follow the Prophet”.

My children will remember years ago dog-sitting for John and Ruth Copeland’s dogs while they vacationed. Sunday evening John baptized their daughter Porsha. We have been friends for over two decades and it was a thrill for them to reach that benchmark in their family’s growth in the gospel.

My sister and I saw two of our sisters on our visiting teaching route Thursday and Sis packed up a dinner for the third sister to. Sister Lorri Hamilton fell on a neighbor’s driveway and cracked a couple of ribs and wasn’t up to a regular visit but appreciated Sis’ generosity.

That evening I picked up the first counselor and secretary for our ward primary and we attended our stake primary leadership meeting. I visited Sister Bresch earlier in the week. Though she is making consistent slow progress it will still be some time before she is strong enough to return to her duties as our ward primary president. As the tempoary 3rd counselorI am doing what I can to take up the slack.

Wednesday Daddy B.J. picked up Michael Pierson and he is joining our household for an indefinite period of time. He had become a hermit in his own home. I have taken him to seminary for two mornings and he is at least getting outside to ride his bike around a bit. Actually Daddy B.J. just came in and said he had taken him on a small hike to the top of the woods up the hill from Camp McKean. Hs mother has made arrangements for him to start with an Internet school next August. He has his scout handbook here and is a Life scout now with about ten months left to work toward Eagle, so that’s the plan.

When we go to Utah in May to pick up Benjamin we have been invited to stay at Jernon and David’s home. We are delighted and we know Benjamin will be also since he has learned to love their children through their visits to him in prison.

Will just showed me how to get to a video on the Internet. It was about our son David’s Kitsap Foot and Ankle Clinic and the stars were David, Adryann and BrynneĆ©, Will and office staff. David provided all the dialog describing the care they can provide. It was just another way to advertise but it sort of made me feel like they were movie stars.

I have enjoyed phone calls from several of our children within the last week and it was a thrill to chat for a bit. Michael says that Jenna is doing well in her pregnancy and Anna Kate talks to the baby inside her mommy. Joseph likewise reports that Kathryn is doing well. The only bad part about planning the trip to Nathan’s graduation is that our grandsons won’t have arrived yet - both being about a month short of their delivery dates. So, I don’t know when we will get to see Joseph and Kathryn’s baby in person. Of course, Jenna won’t be up to traveling that far so she and Mike won’t be at Nathan’s Graduation. On the bright side, Michael and Jenna at least live close enough that we can drive up when their new little one is blessed.

Ruth has redecorated her piano room and bathroom with a paint job that involves a couple of colors and a stain that is rubbed off after being applied and highlights the color combinations. I look forward to seeing it.

Debbie spent a night chaperoning young lady participants from T.J.’s group at a theater festival. Three of her girls were up later than hoped as they first bleached their black hair and then dyed it the school mascot’s brightest color.

Adam has been welcomed as a guest in Sis and Cliff’s Salt Lake City condominium “hotel”. He moved up Wednesday. Sis and Cliff will be driving down from here Friday to help him settle in. When they return in a week they will be headed for a stand-by military flight from Fairchild air-force base in Spokane to England to visit Korb and Camera and their boys.

Nathan is moving closer to campus so we will get to visit yet another apartment when we meet him in May. He helped Adam with him move. surely he is gettin plenty of practice.

We love you!

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