Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 17, 2009
I will not make this very chatty but simply give you some essential news.

1) Sis and Cliff are home again for this week only and returning to SLC for Thanksgiving. They plan to be here for Christmas though.
2) Benjamin’s branch president, President Brian Hardy, phoned. He said what an asset Benjamin was to their prison program since he could and did act as a missionary inviting others to services and teaching the gospel as well as he could under the circumstances. Pres. Hardy said he HOPES Benjamin remains in their jail till he is released because he is such a boon to them. It brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart.
3) Debbie and Jay and family have down-sized to a small home because this period of economic crunch has made life a bit harder for them. Fortunately their wise bishop said no way was he going to let them go to another ward. I am SO grateful. They are just starting into activity and making friends and a ward change might have been bad. Monica and Amy gave little spotlight talks about themselves in Primary last Sunday. Debbie helped both girls print up cute pictures of themselves and tell some things about themselves. Amy can actually repeat words that can be understood now.
4) Kathryn is PREGNANT! Yee Haw! It will be about another seven months, but another wonderful little Gent is on the way.
5) Daddy B.J. and I are making a goal of having family home evenings with David and Fatima and their girls a couple of times a month. We love it. Other Mondays we are inviting new members of our ward here to get to know them. That is wonderful too. We have met two new families so far.
6) It takes quite a lot of time to just print up a special birthday card for our children and grand-children, but so far I’m keeping up. A few years ago I made it a goal to also write an annual letter to the grandchildren after they turn eight. I just wrote to Justin. It is his third.
7) We just had our November ward activity last Friday. It was time consuming. However December’s will be the biggest I’ve ever planned for A Night in Bethlehem on the 19th. I also have same responsibilities in the stake’s Nativity Event that are demanding more time than usual. All this is on top of the annual planning for 2010 that has to take place at this time. I actually took ten minutes in ward council last Sunday talking about everything.8) Sarah Shumaker is getting married in the temple next Saturday so Ruth is flying in day after tomorrow. We are excited to have her.

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