Friday, April 24, 2009

Work on Will and Mindie's Rental and our yard

24 April 2009
Will and Mindie’s house on Vena fell vacant and we have been working to set it to rights. Daddy B.J. cleaned the basement, where the hot water heater spread a lot of water and created a mud mess on the central cement floor from the surrounding open dirt areas. He also did touch up painting. I hired Leah Pierson at the beginning of the month to do the initial inside cleaning including shampooing the carpet. I could have done that but her home health care employer has cut her hours to fifteen per week, which a hardship for her.
I started the major project of making curtains for the fifteen windows. When a friend commented that the renters would want to decorate according to their own tastes, I realized she was right. Then I hit Value Village on two successive 99¢ tag sale days and was blessed to find curtains for eight windows. In the middle of one night it came to me that I had unopened lace curtains, which I purchased at a similar sale about a year ago. They worked for four more windows. I had already sewn the curtains for the master bedroom. When pondering about the expense of curtain rods, which were needed for all windows, I was inspired to think of teacup hooks and bamboo from our yard . The holes for former rods, which had been removed, were receptacles for the hooks. I wrapped the ends of the bamboo with white masking tape, which made them more attractive. On pieces to support lace, which revealed the bamboo, I wrapped the middle with plain gray duct tape. By fiddling with the strings and patiently bandaging together breaks in vinyl slats with white duct tape, and splinting one broken bottom rail with bamboo I got the mini-blinds to at least hang approximately even. Last Saturday we spent several hours doing general clean-up and hanging curtains. It worked out very well.
I have a great exercise plan to recommend – yard work. Monday for Family Home Evening Daddy B.J and I headed out to Vena. He used the weed-eater, shovel and broom to clean up sidewalks and flowerbeds. I mowed. Then we made a sandwich board for “for Rent” signs and Daddy B.J. called in an ad to the Sun newspaper.
Tuesday I mowed our own lawn and noticed how very much larger it is than Vena's. That night I started weeding the strawberries. I put in a lot of hours yesterday to finish that and take out the dandelions that had formed a border beneath the cedar hedge along our driveway. I accumulated two wheelbarrows of weeds. Daddy B.J. said the place is starting to look like someone lives here.
My sister is having foot surgery today. Dr. David Gent is removing a bunion and putting in a pin to straighter her big toe for that foot. Sis and I talked a couple of days ago and she had exciting news about Korb and his family. The company he used to work for back in Minnesota is opening business in Europe. They asked him to return to work for them and when they agreed to all his requests he agreed. He will be taking his family there for a year starting this summer. Naturally Cliff and Sis will try to visit them sometime - for about a month. They were there when Cliff was in the Navy and look forward to both visiting family in that setting and doing sight-seeing.
Sis and Cliff were very pleased that Joseph & Kathryn stopped both ways on their trip to visit Kathryn’s family in Montana. Salt Lake City, Utah is half way between Pahrump, Nevada and Bozeman, Montana. Kathryn made some new blog entries including one about their trip. What magnificent scenery and how fun to be with so many in her family.
Last Friday David and his girls plus three of their school girl friends, who were spending the night, came for a visit to borrow a tent to put up in their family room. At the Easter Egg Hunt Adryann and Brynneé noticed that I had a tent and stored the memory. While here they played in the back yard. David offered to take them on a canoe ride. When I saw five wiggly squirmy girls in life jackets in the canoe I asked David if he really thought he could keep them sitting still enough to avoid tipping the canoe. He doubted it, so we pulled out the rowboat and I got out a set of oars. They spent about a half-hour on the lake and had a marvelous time. Since sound carries so well I could hear their laughter.
David and Fatima had a business appointment in Seattle one day this week. They took advantage of being close and went to a session at the temple. David said the peace he felt was a tremendous blessing. Peace is a very rare commodity at this time for them.
Nathan called yesterday. We talked and he counted blessings. Debbie and Jay’s generosity to him during his visit in California headed his list. Nathan can see Heavenly Father’s hand in his life as a response to his actions related to their generosity.
Jay’s birthday was last Monday. I complained about having only one photo of him from the previous year – too little on which to expend my creative efforts in making a birthday card for him. He promised and Debbie promised too to sent more pictures this next year. T.J.'s school put on their musical last weekend. Debbie hoped they would make a video of it available. I hope so too. T.J. was in the chorus and had a great time singing and dancing.
Benjamin was so taken with a baby picture of Anna Kate that he asked a friend to do a portrait of her from it. He sent it to Mike and Jenna and hopes we will get to see it there. Mike and Jenna can hardly believe Anna Kate is going on two – June 13th. Jenna added some great pictures of Anna Kate to her blog. They were taken over Easter and while visiting with Jenna’s parents.
Sunday, April 19, 2009 Ruth added to her blog out of the mouth of babes - "We’ve been trying to teach our children the concept of the spirit’s promptings and satan’s enticing. So for family home evening/scripture study Tim whispered things into the children’s ears like “be nice to your sister” or “make fun of your brother” and then asked who they thought would be saying what. Last night after we were done reading scriptures Gent leaned over and whispered into my ear, “satan says be mean to your husband.” He leaned back from me and smiled and then he leaned into my ear again and whispered “the holy ghost says give cotton candy to your son.”
Last week I was caught short on time when I wanted to get a letter off to Benjamin so I didn’t post to my blog. I just dashed off a note. I think I told him how very much Ruth’s family enjoyed their trip to Debbie & Jay's to celebrate Tim’s completing his Nevada law bar examination. They especially enjoyed going to Disneyland and Debbie took care of Zion so Ruth and Tim could be one-on-one with Ellie and Gent.
Skagit the dog disappeared after four days at our house. Easy come easy go.
We love all of you. Have a wonderful week.

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Kathryn said...

Thanks for the update. I always love to hear whats going on. I have to admit that I am a little jealous that you have strawberry plants you have to weed. I wish I had a garden and hope to get one going. love ya.